Sunday, December 19, 2004

FRIENDS---Monica Geller

Monica is comically obsessive about the state of her apartment, and appears to relish the idea of cleaning (she described the laundrette as her Disneyworld). This personality trait became more and more exaggerated as the series progressed.
Monica quickly emerged as the "Mother Hen" of the group; she tended to look after her friends and took on the mammoth task of cooking Thanksgiving dinner for them every year, tailoring the menu to each member's peculiar tastes.
Monica is a chef, and, as with most areas of her life, she is obsessive and competitive about it. Originally, she merely worked as a poorly paid chef at a restaurant called Iridium. When she was fired for accepting a gift from a food distributor, Monica went on to stint at a 50s theme restaurant called the Moondance Diner, where she wore rollerskates and massive fake breasts, and a short-lived catering business with Phoebe. She was eventually hired as head chef at a local restaurant. At first, her employees disliked Monica due to the fact that many of them were the children of her previous head chef, coupled with a fairly damning review she had published in a local newspaper. However, Monica hired her friend Joey as a waiter, solely to fire him, thereby appearing to be a tough boss. It apparently worked as her problems with her employees were never mentioned again.
Monica is the sister of Ross Geller, and there is a great deal of competition between the two. Monica feels her parents favor Ross, and her mother tends to be especially critical of Monica.
It quickly emerged that Monica had been severely overweight as a child, but lost the weight after she overheard Chandler call her "fat".
The writers of the series often used flashbacks to show the overweight Monica. In one episode, when the group watched an old prom video and were surprised to see her weight, Joey yelled "That girl ate Monica!" Monica tried to stick up for herself, claiming the camera adds ten pounds. Chandler was quick to retort, "So how many cameras are actually ON you there?"
Monica's apartment was one of the main focal points of the series. Many critics of the show began to question how Monica could ever afford the apartment on a chef's salary, so the writers of Friends came up with the explanation that she illegaly sub-let the apartment from her grandmother, who had moved to Florida.
Monica shared her apartment with Phoebe Buffay, who moved out before the series actually began, fearing their relationship would be strained when Monica's neatness became a burden. Monica was later joined by her best friend from Lincoln High School Rachel Green, in the series pilot episode, when Rachel fled her wedding and moved to the city. In season 4 Monica began an affair with her close friend Chandler, the two fell in love and eventually moved in together, forcing Rachel to move out. The two married and, in the final episode, watched as their adopted twins -- Erica and Jack -- were born.

FRIENDS---Rachel Green

Rachel appeared in the Pilot episode running into Central Perk in a wet through wedding dress, in search of her old friend Monica Geller, with whom she had had little or no contact since High School. Rachel had fled her wedding to Barry Farber having discovered she desired the gravy boat that she had been given as a wedding gift more than she desired Barry (she also claimed it was at this moment she became aware of his resemblance to Mr. Potato Head). It emerged that Rachel never had a job and had always lived on her father's money. After her father refuses to pay for her credit cards unless she goes through with the marriage, Monica and the rest of the Friends encourage Rachel to start a new life in New York City.
Rachel got her first job as a waitress at Central Perk. She turned out to be hopeless, taking long breaks to sit with her friends and getting orders mixed up regularly. However, probably because of Gunther's crush on Rachel, she kept the job for some time. In the third season, after encouragement from Joey and Chandler she quit to enter a career in fashion. This eventually led to a job as a personal shopper at Bloomingdale's. She later became a buyer for Ralph Lauren, but was fired when she was caught interviewing for Gucci. She is then offered a job at Louis Vuitton's Paris office by a former co-worker.
Rachel is perhaps most famous for her turbulent relationship with Monica's brother Ross Geller. Ross had apparently harboured a crush for Rachel since their school days. When Rachel moved to the city, Ross tried to re-kindle his affection, and after a rocky start the two finally got together in The One With The Prom Video. The relationship ended when a blazing row over Rachel's friendship with a co-worker led Ross to sleep with the cute girl from the copy place (the object of Joey and Chandler's affections). When Rachel found out, she broke up with Ross in a famous scene that involves Ross and Rachel arguing in Monica's living room whilst the other four Friends are trapped in Monica's bedroom, afraid of interrupting the argument. From then on, the two shared an almost on again-almost off again relationship. On a drunken trip to Las Vegas, the two were married, but this was quickly annulled. However, at some point during the seventh season, they slept together, after which Rachel became pregnant, and later gave birth to Ross' second child, Emma. In the final episode, Ross was encouraged by Joey and Phoebe to declare his love to Rachel before she left to pursue her career in Paris. His plea was successful (eventually) and the two once again entered a relationship.
For most of the series, Rachel lived in Monica's apartment. They had a likeable, enduring chemistry which was to become one of the main elements of the show. However, when Chandler moved in with Monica, Rachel moved out to give them some privacy. From here she moved in with Phoebe Buffay. The two got on just as well but, when Rachel accidentally caused a fire in Phoebe's apartment, she spent some time living with Joey. By the time Phoebe's apartment was repaired, Rachel was enjoying living with Joey so much that she decided to stay. This decision was actually initiated by Phoebe, who realised that she could now have a bedroom twice as large as before, as the fire had destroyed a false wall which had separated their rooms. When Rachel became pregnant with Ross' child, she moved in with him, but things became awkward, and she soon moved back in with Joey.
Shortly after moving to the city, she engaged in a sex-based relationship with an Italian model named Paolo and had other short-term relationships. In the seventh season, when she moved in with Joey he quickly fell in love with her. However, despite some close encounters, the relationship came to nothing.
Rachel's parents went through an acromonious divorce beginning in season 2. Rachel is the middle of their three daughters; her older sister is Amy Green, played by Christina Applegate, while her younger sister is Jill Green, played by Reese Witherspoon.